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MayorBill Barnett

                           WELCOMES YOU!

                 I  moved here in 1973 Naples had two notable      exquisite world-renowned
                       Let me begin by telling you that when I first
                                                                   stores on 5th Avenue and
                    restaurants and today we have well over a thousand
                  to choose from. I lost count years ago! “Cutting edge”   in the Waterside Shops,
                                                                   there is surely something
                  is the term to use when describing the many Naples   to fit everyone’s taste and
                  dining options, as we have attracted top chefs of every   budget! Our new City Dock
                  ethnicity that are continually striving to create new and   is slated to open in early
                  tasty dishes to enjoy. Rest assured, there is a menu to   2018. Head over to charter a
                  fit every taste bud and every price range, from mouth-  half or a whole day of fishing
                  watering pizza to the finest cut of prime beef and fresh   with one of our many great
                  seafood from the Gulf - we have it all. During our busy   fishing guides. Don’t worry
                  winter months, I offer a helpful suggestion – you may   about getting seasick, there are many of them that will
                  want to consider making your dinner reservations well   fish backwater with you. Yes, there is golf & tennis
                  in advance, I can promise you’ll be glad you did.  galore. For more excitement make sure you try a swamp
                      Over the years as family, friends, and acquaintances   buggy ride in the Everglades. It’s a great experience.
                  visited Naples and called to ask me what they should   If walking and nature are things you enjoy, we have a
                  do while here I compiled a list for them, which of   greenway that is beautiful and is located right behind
                  course has grown over the years, and I will be happy to   our Zoo, so try and combine them both if time allows.
                  share the current one with you. Of course, everything   For theatre and world-class entertainment, we have
                  on this list is dependent on how long you will stay,   The Gulfshore Playhouse and the Naples Players along
                  so keep that in mind when choosing your favorites.   with Artis–Naples that will certainly occupy a night or
                  Perhaps foremost on the list is “hit the beach”! Our   two for you.
                  beaches are beautiful, and while you are there, make   When the question “Where should I stay in
                  sure to visit our newly renovated pier and grab a piece   Naples?” arises, I am so proud to say that our
                  of pizza from the concession stand – it’s delicious. Visit   hospitality industry is amazingly good. There are way
                  Lowdermilk Park! It’s a wonderful park that offers not   too many choices for me to list, and I get compliments
                  only the beach but a kid-friendly atmosphere including   from visitors who have traveled the world about how
                  a playground, a concession stand with lots of goodies   nice their accommodations have been when they stayed
                  to choose from, lots of grass, gazebos and plenty of   in Naples.
                  shade! Visit our Zoo! It is a longtime favorite of mine   Well, hopefully my list will give you a good head
                  and after all these years of living here I have never   start. You won’t be bored, I can guarantee you that!
                  gotten tired of going there. Shopping is always a fun   Every employee in the city of Naples takes special pride
                  thing to mention, because like our restaurants, we have   in the job they do to make our residents and visitors
                  a lot to offer. From our Coastland Mall to some very   alike appreciate the ambiance that our City offers.

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